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Business leaders, owners, managers all know that continuous improvement truly never ends. You’re either getting better or becoming stagnant. 

We seek to aid that continuous improvement with our business blogs. Topics include leadership, management, strategic planning, best practices, and more.

Defective Character – My Journey as an INFP

Defective Character – My Journey as an INFP

How my journey as an INFP played outin the worlds of business and high-tech. “You have a defective character,” says my colleague to me, walking down the hall after a group meeting with a consultant. Apparently, I tested as an INFP. I felt dumbfounded, shocked. I had...

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Communication skills, who cares anyway

Communication skills, who cares anyway

Meet Carl. Project Manager. He knows all about communication skills.

Carl communicates every day after all. Carl’s go-to phrase when asked about most things, “I told you. How many times do I have to tell you?”

When asked about those “Soft skills” like communication, he responds, “I don’t need that …

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How to Make Better Decisions

How to Make Better Decisions

How to Make Better DecisionsManagers at all levels struggle with decisions. And, get this, research on managers across the country continues to validate this. The decision making ability comes down to knowing how and having a culture that supports it. Did you know...

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Get a business plan written – It is time

Accept, to get a business plan written starts a continuous planning cycle.
1. Business planning always starts with a clear assessment of current situation.
2. It continues with establishing a strong foundation of clearly stated values that drive decisions.
3. Understand your opportunities, threats in the market.
4. Establish business expectations and goals.
5. Build the business goals.

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Practical Business Management Basics tutorial

Practical Business Management Basics executed well drives engagement. Engagement then leads to good things happening in business, like more customers, less waste, less firefighting, more profits.
It consists of these topics:
1. Communications to effectively work with staff, colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers.
2. Establish values to lay a foundation of performance.
3. Accountability for delegation.
4. Decision making especially all those small decisions.

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Where's your Not-to-Do list?

Where is your not-to-do list anyway? You do have one, don't you? My business journey started out with out of control to-do lists. When I ran a small growing vibrant company, my to-do list floated around a  constant 50 actions required by me at any given point in time....

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Culture eats strategy for lunch

Oh, yes and culture eats strategy for lunch and then dinner. Then it eats business plans and execution for dessert. It is imperative for every business owner and business manager to clearly understand what exactly the phrase means, "culture eats strategy for lunch."...

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Something's not quite right

You know something's not quite right in your business. Your results are not quite what you want. You suspect something's holding you back. What is it? Most people feel something's not quite right about their business or themselves at some point in their career. How do...

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3 must haves to take the next big step

The 3 must haves to take the next big step for your business determine if you grow or shrink. The must haves determine if you get in control or flail around responding to all the issues and obstacles. A quick tale of two business owners One business owner put in place...

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