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Business Coaching Services in Portland, Oregon

Business Coach Phil Bride focuses on helping small and medium-sized business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals breakthrough to become the leaders they aspire to be.

Phil’s approach rests on self-awareness, so that you can identify and understand your values, beliefs, attitudes, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. By doing so, your decisions become visible and clear to everyone around you. This business coach style also forms the starting point for effective leadership, where your decisions, actions, and values all become aligned.

Our Coaching Services

Executive Leadership Development

Our Executive Leadership Development program is designed to drive performance and profitability by helping you develop a greater awareness of your leadership style, strengthen your analytical and interpersonal skills, and align with your team and business objectives.

Individual Leadership Development

Our Individual Leadership Development program is tailored to those who want to take control of their destiny. Learn how to achieve work-life balance, develop a vision and path for yourself, reach your personal and professional goals, and more.

New Manager Training & Development

Jumpstart the manager training and development process with improved decision making, time management, communication, productivity, and overall alignment.

Team Development

Our Team Development program aims to break down barriers, improve alignment and collaboration, increase accountability, build rapport, and improve effectiveness at all levels to produce greater business results. 

Strategic Planning

Through our Strategic Planning program, you will learn how to effectively build a plan for growth, profitability, returns, succession, and delegation.

Online Business Coaching

Take our Online Business Coaching Courses from the convenience of your home or office. We offer a wide range of affordable and effective assessments and  workshops that help you achieve personal and professional growth.

About Phil Bride

Executive Business Coach

Phil Bride seeks to challenge and empower leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations across all sizes and verticals to achieve greater levels of alignment, performance, and revenue.  With over 25 years of experience in corporations from Intel to startups, Phil has a deep understanding and expertise of how leaders succeed in the business world. He is also an active member of the Beaverton and Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, Construction Financial Management Association, and Resource Associates Consulting Group.

Our Beloved Testimonials

I’ve already got my value out this program and I’m not done with it! I have a clear focus on activities to change the culture for more growth. My team and I are doing new activities that are worth money for me right now. We’re experiencing a renewed focus on continued improvement and a 4x ROI part way through the program. I feel more comfortable in my job as president than ever before. I clearly know the role in my organization.


President, Meta Fab, Inc.

I’m excited to have received the executive business coaching I needed from Phil Bride to take my company to the next level of growth. I have a new clarity to my vision for the company, an actionable plan my team and I really believe in, and I now appreciate communication, teamwork and measurables to all new levels. I am on my way to growing the company 30% over last year.


General Manager, GoFlight Technologies

I recommend that if you want to increase effectiveness, sit down with Phil.


Small Business Owner

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