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Connecting the dots between behaviors, values and the future
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Life Coaching in Portland, Oregon

Life Coach Phil Bride helps those wanting more: small business owners, managers, professionals, and individuals tackle the toughest obstacles to grow in a more fulfilling way across all areas in their life.  

Phil’s unique approach combines practical personal development and leadership principles with life coaching, self awareness, achieving goals, and aspirations. 

The point is to become more …

    1. Of who you really are — Accepting of your gifts, talents, and weaknesses.
    2. Able to double down on your talents, gifts.
    3. Aware of the values that really drive your actions and reactions day in and day out.
    4. Capable of using your talents and gifts in your life journey: job, career, family, social, spiritual.

“The more certain you are about your vision and values and express them … the more you confidence and certainty in your decisions you become.”

Our Coaching Services

Life Coaching & Personal Development

Life Coaching 

In my practice, I work with people to gain confidence in the truth of themselves, their abilities, their situations to move forward in the most meaningful way for them.

My clients find themselves in situations of being at the raw end of deals, situations, under stress, confused or unsure about decisions and direction.

In my work with them, they often have “aha!” moments, insights and growing confidence in who they are, want to become and in the most aligned direction to go.

Personal Development

Growth happens when barriers dissolve away, insights happen and clarity takes front row.

A sense of fulfillment starts to emerge with aligned growth.


Virtual Coaching

Technology – Gotta love it!

Love to stay where you are and do it virtually. No problem.

We love technology too and so where ever you might be, getting your life on track is a click away. We work with Zoom, Trello and other tech.

By the way, if you’re in the greater Portland, Oregon Metro area, we can meet in person too.

Schedule a free 30 minute get-to-know-me session. Schedule 30 minutes here >>

We regularly do virtual one-on-one and group sessions via Zoom.


New Manager Coaching & Team Development

New Manager Coaching

Jumpstart the manager coaching and development process with improved decision making, time management, communication, productivity, and overall alignment. Whether developing new managers or honing managerial skills, working on fundamental skills pays dividends.

Team Development

Get going on building a sustainable, highly engaged team that can withstand the “tests” that inevitably happen in business. When your crack team gets tested under duress will they uphold your values and vision or fall apart? “All ships rise with the tide,” as the saying goes. And when the tide is out… what happens?

Business Planning — Next Steps

Through our Strategic Planning program, you will learn how to effectively build a plan for growth, profitability, returns, succession, and delegation.

Team Development

Our Team Development program aims to break down barriers, improve alignment and collaboration, increase accountability, build rapport, and improve effectiveness at all levels to produce greater business results. 

Build a strong business foundation

It is imperative to put the 7 foundational business skills in place and improve these skills continously.  That means these skills become embedded into your culture, your daily routines so you and your team can execute plans like pros.

About Phil Bride

Life Coach / Business Coach

Phil Bride guides individuals, leaders and managers to achieve greater fulfillment in their unique journey.  He bring 30 years of expertise and experience in management, coaching and leadership.

He has devoted his career to business best practices by understanding the journey of growth that people go through, managers and leaders experience. This has led to an ability to uncover root causes of obstacles, and to “connect the dots” for individuals to stand on firm ground in order to move forward with confidence.

Phil owns and operates Rogue River Consulting LLC (Branded as PhilBride.com) focused on life coaching and team building for individuals and small and medium sized growth oriented businesses.

Our Beloved Testimonials

I’ve already got my value out this program and I’m not done with it! I have a clear focus on activities to change the culture for more growth. My team and I are doing new activities that are worth money for me right now. We’re experiencing a renewed focus on continued improvement and a 4x ROI part way through the program. I feel more comfortable in my job as president than ever before. I clearly know the role in my organization.


President, Meta Fab, Inc.

Phil Bride has proven to be an invaluable business coach. Through Phil, I have learned better business practices in managing my business, and have been able to establish repeatable business processes. I’ve also become better at delegating tasks to my team giving me time & energy to focus on the bigger picture, while providing meaningful supervision to my team. The meetings I’ve had with Phil have been invaluable in establishing my business owner skill set and are well worth the time and money invested. Thanks Phil! 

Denise Brohoski

Owner, Principle Broker, Commercial Real Estate NW

I really enjoyed working with Phil. He helped me to get some clarity on my business expansion and executive training. It was a great experience to have someone walk me through some business decisions and map out the future for growth. He also helped our office out with some employee conflict resolution that was extremely helpful. I highly recommend Phil to anyone looking to grow themselves or their business.

Dr. Radspinner

Owner, Discover Chiropractic

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