About Phil Bride

Life coach / Business Coach

Our mission is to work with individuals and their teams to achieve a deep understanding, then an alignment of their identity, values, mission, and goals for a greater fulfillment in life: personally, professionally, socially, with their mental state management, with family. To help individuals stand on firm ground make positive next steps in their journey. 

Our Values

The pillars to success starts from within. That’s why explore several components about yourself to understand what type of leader you’re naturally set out to be. Together, we look at values, limiting beliefs, attitudes, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. This results in a heightening of your level of self-awareness, a foundation to crystalize your vision and path to achieving goals and fulfillment.

Over time, I have found key characteristics about myself: curious, independent, creative, a critical thinker, who loves the journey and the uniqueness of each person. With the knowledge that we all have amazing gifts and are imperfect.

I deeply value …

  1. Seeking the truth behind each situation.
      • Unfettered thinking.
      • We are made with a higher calling.
  2. The inherent value of every human being.
      • Giving grace.
      • Honoring trust given.
      • That everyone is on their unique journey.
  3. Seeking deep alignment.
      • Openness to possibilities, new approaches.
      • Aligning the truth of our values and beliefs with actions.


As an INFP trained in life coaching, business coaching and personality profiles, I bring empathy and insight into the relationships. I also come with a boatload of technology and business background.

(certifications in coaching and professional personality profiles; science degree; masters in business; years of business ownership and leadership experience)

Now, I am uniquely skilled to help people navigate the business and tech worlds. Especially true, when they feel they don’t fit or something feels off.

It is personal. Of course, it’s personal. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is your life, your career, your journey.

Life Coach

I work with professionals, business owners, managers, and those who aspire to life fulfillment at work and personally.

As a life coach, I help people who are serious and ready to take next steps. Not everyone is serious nor ready to take next steps. And that’s okay.

    • Taking next steps always involves wanting something better and having to let go of those attitudes, limiting beliefs, life choices that no longer serve.
    • The process involves turbulence, risk, and rewards.
    • It involves demoing current structures, redesigning, restructuring and rebuilding their lives.

The process reminds me of a home remodel process. It gets dusty, messy, things break. Then, it’s beautiful when done.

As a result of this process, people experience all kinds of improvements in their lives. They experience improvements in their relationships, in their communication skills, in their leadership and management skills, in their businesses and careers. The challenges becomes well worthwhile to achieve the positive outcomes.

A new calmness and sense of confidence and excitement about the future often builds.

I have a new clarity to my vision for the company, an actionable plan my team and I really believe in, and I now appreciate communication, teamwork and measurables to all new levels. 


Principal at Rogue River Consulting, a Life Coach and Business Coach, Phil Bride has spent the last 25 years in corporations from Intel to startups, manufacturing and development to web-based e-learning. Phil started out as an electrical engineer designing chips at Intel then moved onto managing products, product lines, channels and partners, and companies focusing building excellent teams, growth, customer loyalty, and profitability. He received his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering in 1984 from University of Portland and his MBA in marketing and finance from University of Portland in 1995. (Go Pilots! Also, home of Eric Spoelstra, 2013 Head Coach and NBA Champion for the Miami Heat).

Since 2012, Phil has focused on developing coaching practice. Certified in personality profiles, through Innermetrix on DISC, AI. He completed hundreds of hours of business and life coach training through Fortune Management, TAN, Anchology. Phil has coached dozens of businesses and hundreds of individuals through management, leadership and life coaching.  He focuses on the challenges of leaders and their teams, whether new or seasoned, whether in the corporate world or in small businesses.   

Outside of work, Phil enjoys working in his shop, fishing, camping, and skiing with his wife, 3 kids, grand kids, extended family, and friends.

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