Organizational Assessment, Review & Next Steps Sessions Bundle

$3,000.00 $2,500.00

The Organizational Assessment, Review & Next Step Sessions Bundle is perfect for organizations who want to improve their internal processes and efficiencies, teamwork, and business results.
  • Phil Bride
    • MBA, Executive Coach
    • Certifications in business coaching
    • 30+ years in managing business organizations, startups, and groups
Course Details:
  • Discover attitudes that affect customer relationships, behaviors that affect efficiencies, effectiveness, and productivity, and patterns that hold back the organization and teamwork
  • Create a baseline upon which to improve
  • Examine facts and hard business data to act on
  • NPS scores to see where you stand with your reputation in the market. Excellent for:
    • Attracting good employees
    • Improving partner relationships
    • Growing customers
  •  Review and next step sessions to build a plan on
This bundle is perfect for:
  • Companies with 10+ employees and are seeking to grow
  • Organizations that want to become more effective with 10+ employees
More Information:
  • Pricing based on 10-20 people. For larger groups, pricing will change
  • Contact Phil Bride for billing and general questions
  • Course policies (cancellation, refund, complaint resolution)


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