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Get aligned and become who you were meant to become
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What does this mean?

You become extremely well grounded in who you are, in where you go next in your journey that aligns well with your core identity and core values. This makes decisions, setting goals, taking next steps much easier and much less stressful.

It can become fun again!  

    1. Help you grow, personally, professionally.
    2. Guide you to become even more self aware of your true identity, core values, true talents, skills, weaknesses, blind spots.
    3. Help you find solid ground from which to build your life the way you most want.
    4. Assist you to make meaningful progress in your life, in your work, your profession, your business.
    5. Help you build an effective structure and order for your life to make the progress you want.


Individuals & Professionals

Get clear about your talents, values, mission in life.

Become well grounded and aligned with your daily activities, in your job and personally.

Know what fits and what no longer fits in your life journey.

Become even more clear about decisions and why you do, decide, act, behave the way you do.

Get a vision for yourself that is worthy of a life’s work. 

Business Owners & Managers

Get a clear about your vision and values that sustains the test of business.

Improve performance of yourself and your teams.

Delegate like an executive (not a newbie manager).

Get accountability structures in place.

Increase engagement with team and customers.

Our Beloved Testimonials

I’ve already got my value out this program and I’m not done with it! I have a clear focus on activities to change the culture for more growth. My team and I are doing new activities that are worth money for me right now. We’re experiencing a renewed focus on continued improvement and a 4x ROI part way through the program. I feel more comfortable in my job as president than ever before. I clearly know the role in my organization.


President, Meta Fab, Inc.

I’m excited to have received the executive business coaching I needed from Phil Bride to take my company to the next level of growth. I have a new clarity to my vision for the company, an actionable plan my team and I really believe in, and I now appreciate communication, teamwork and measurables to all new levels. I am on my way to growing the company 30% over last year.


General Manager, GoFlight Technologies

I recommend that if you want to increase effectiveness, sit down with Phil.


Small Business Owner

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