Decision Framework for Emerging Leaders

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The Decision Framework for Emerging Leaders course will empower your team to make smarter decisions, be more accountable for materials and resources, and manage more effectively. As a result, projects won’t collapse when you’re away. You can also fall back in love with going to work again.
  • Phil Bride
    • MBA, Executive Coach
    • Certifications in business coaching
    • 30+ years in managing business organizations, startups, and groups
Course Details:
  • Four (4) 60-minute webinar sessions.
  • Practical information to hone and sharpen important management and leadership skills
  • Expert advice and techniques to put into action today to start improvements immediately
  • Certificate of Professional Development — 5 CCB credit hours
  • 1st Tuesday of Month,   7 am – 8 am.   – Communication Styles, Collaboration
  • 1st Friday of Month, 7 am – 8 am.   – Goal Setting Structure, "GPS" and the Decision Framework.
  • 2nd Tuesday of Month, 7 am – 8 am.   – Practical Use of GPS, Decision Making
  • 2nd Friday of Month, 7 am – 8 am.   – Delegation, Accountability and Graduation Certificates of Proficiency in Leadership/Decision Making
  • Repeat any session (or missed session) for up to 3 months
  • Held via Zoom Conferencing
Attendees will walk through:
  • 5 Levels of Leadership
    • What makes this different than management and why it is important for growth
  • 5 Stages in a Decision Framework
    • A framework to tackle those hard decisions, small decisions, and the ones that don’t seem to matter but do!
  • 5 Parts of a Well-Formed Goal
  • 7 Steps in Decision Making
    • “How to” best practices that drive up success up
    • Relies heavily on Decision Framework
  • 4 Primary Communication Styles
    • How to speak effectively with subs, contractors, customers, partners, vendors, employees, colleagues, and clients
  • 3 Key Things You Absolutely Need in Place for Accountability to Work
This 4-session course is perfect for:
  • Project Managers, Engineering Managers, Superintendents, Estimating Managers — managers who are ready to sharpen their skills
  • Emerging leaders who want to step up their game and learn practical business management skills
  • Professionals who want to work on their professional development
  • Those who know business success is dependent on continuous improvement
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