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Business leaders, owners, managers all know that continuous improvement truly never ends. You’re either getting better or becoming stagnant. 

We seek to aid that continuous improvement with our business blogs. Topics include leadership, management, strategic planning, best practices, and more.

Continue Strategic Planning

Now that you have your business plan in place (of course you do, don't you?) it is time to continue strategic planning sessions. If you suffer from any of the following, it's time to take strategic business planning seriously... "Feast or famine" business cycles....

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Motivating a team to get improved results

What does motivating a team have to do with getting the job done? And what does motivating a team have to do with business plans? "We are professionals, at least we should be professionals. We have job to to so then, we do it. " Yep that is true, in theory. However,...

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Know your job – know it well

Do you know your job? Really know your job. There are several aspects to knowing your job well. The basics include ... The outcomes required for successful performance of the job. The tasks required to successfully perform your job. The knowledge of how to do the...

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The cost of unmotivated people

What is the cost of unmotivated people making poor decisions, with bad attitudes, sloppy about managing the resources in your business, on your projects? A lot. According to Michael Mankins, co-author of "Time, Talent, Energy: Overcome Organizational Drag and Unleash...

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