The Beaverton Chamber event The Culture of You is sponsored by Beaverton Chamber of Commerce as part of the CN 3.0 program.
Phil Bride, executive business coach and business consultant presents.

“The culture of you! – It’s all business”
Becoming one of the excellent Business Managers

This live Beaverton Chamber event “The Culture of You” seminar covers the importance of “the way we do things around here.”
And, making big decisions has a big impact on your business. Consider this. The thousands of small decisions, actions, behaviors, reactions, based on “the way we do things around here,” have an enormous impact on the success, revenue, and profits of a business.
So, culture makes or breaks businesses. It stalls progress, causes employee turnover, gets people stuck and host of other ills. It also propels businesses to success, improves execution of business plans, creates accountability, improves engagement, and ROI.

Join us …

…for the Beaverton Chamber Event The Culture of You:

  • Wednesday, February 7, 2018
  • 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
  • Beaverton Chamber offices (map)
  • Brown Bag Lunch!  Snacks will be provided.

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You will learn …

  1. What is culture, business culture.
  2. Why you and your behavior patterns matter.
  3. What makes up your culture.
  4. The effects culture has on day-in and day-out business: ROI, project success, sales growth, profitability, business development, operations, customer relations, attracting good employees.
  5. Phases of decision making and action — The “Perceive Decide Act” process.
  6. How to turn it into an advantage.
  7. A process to follow.
  8. Next steps.

Please join us to learn more about this most important topic for any business owner or business manager who wants improved results.
Then, contact any of us listed here for more information:
Phil Bride at 503-753-9971 or
Lorraine or Michelle at Beaverton Chamber of Commerce at  503-644-0123