What does it mean to up my game?
Practical Business Management Basics in action.

What practical business management basics do you practice?

In reality, most managers don’t bother to practice these basics. They don’t have time to pay attention to these business management basics.

Read on for the first installment of a short tutorial on the most useful practical business management basics. Use it to jump start your plans.

Pay attention to communication

Since management is 90% working with people, communication forms the basic vehicle to get things done in your job and organization.

To perform, communicating well with each of these groups makes or breaks success:

  • Prospects to drive new business.
  • Customers to sustain a good business.
  • Staff to get things done.
  • Partners to get the organization well structured for accounting, taxes, marketing, IT and other.
  • Suppliers to offer the best products.

It turns out managers misuse communication continually.

  • Give mixed messages.
  • Unclear about what managers want.
  • State the wrong level of detail to people which confuses the message.
  • Communicate in only one style. Managers most likely have people of differing styles around them.
  • Under communicate what they want.

“The problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
~George Bernard Shaw

Establish Values

Why would managers care about establishing values?

Values and behaviors form a foundation of practical business management basics.

Here’s why …

According to Gallup, 33% of US employees are engaged at work.

That means that for each week of work companies get 13 hours 20 minutes of actual work done out of 40 hours.

Wasting time at work. Practical Business Management Basics helps fix this.
  • One big time waster. Time spent texting, surfing the web, talking with others about non-work topics, complaining about work, planning their evenings and a lot more.
  • Next, values drive the decision making through “the way we do things around here.” The values that matter drive behavior, decisions, actions, and reactions.
  • Then, well-formed values aligned with talents of people drive engagement up over 70% according to Gallup. Managers actually get things done!
  • And what we don’t want. Ill-formed, vague, unaligned values create dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors.

So, consider taking action to sharpen your skills in this very important topic.

To learn more …

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