Secret to make decisions effectively

Secret to make decisions effectively is to know yourself.

Did you know to make decisions effectively, knowing yourself well forms the foundation?
It’s true. Think about it.
We perceive the world through our personal lenses. We measure those perceptions against our values and then we act. This happens continually and mostly subconsciously all day.
Do you accept my statement above? Do you believe that decisions are really a process from perceptions through values and on to action?
If you do, then to make decisions effectively about business, hiring, projects are guided by this process.

How does this affect our decisions?  Business, hiring, project decisions?

If you are struggling with decisions, prioritizing, managing time well, then you have something broken in your process of how you make decisions effectively.
To make decisions effectively means you can…

  • Prioritize tasks and focus on most important tasks.
  • Manage your time better.
  • Say no more often and for the right things and right reasons.
  • Focus better.
  • Manage people better and hold them accountable credibly.
  • Delegate with credibility.

The secret to make decisions effectively.

It’s really quite simple to describe. However, sometimes it can be very hard to get right.

Know yourself well. The best business people, leaders, really anyone who performs at a high level understands their decision making process. They may understand it intuitively. Or they understand their process expressly. Either way they know it.
Know exactly what lenses through which you perceive the world and perceive yourself.
Understand your values. Not the first cut values you take from cultural norms, but those that drive your motivations and decisions. Sometimes understanding these are easy and sometimes it can be difficult to pin them down.
Accept your natural behavior patterns, those patterns you feel most comfortable in your own skin. After all those closest to you professionally and personally will know these well. You might as well know and accept them.
Take actions to align your projects, direction and next steps with your decision making process.

So, for businesses it is crucial to get this right.
Marketing and sales depend on getting your decision making process aligned with your customer’s values and wants.
For professionals and business leaders it is crucial to get this right too.
To be effective in prioritizing, time management, delegation, leading teams, your decision making process must be aligned with your team. Another way to put it is that “the way we do things around here” counts more than individual efforts in the long game.  This also known as culture.

Next steps for you.

Phil Bride, presenting to group of managers.

Phil Bride, presenting to group of managers.

To make decisions effectively it requires developing the knowledge and the skills.
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