You do an assessment (DISC, VALUES, ATTRIBUTES) of the situation—yourself, others, or the organization.

You find out what’s going on so you can take action.;


What are the early 7 indicators you may be out of alignment? Check the ones that applies.

  • Motivation to push through difficult tasks wanes.
  • You dread going into work.
  • You have a sense of being out of sync.
  • You find you’re doing urgent tasks or mundane tasks rather than the important ones.
  • It’s hard to focus.
  • You’re getting sick a lot and feeling run down.
  • You’re senior staff is disengaged or leaving.

If you answered yes to most of these and it’s not just the emergency happening now, you might very well be out of alignment.

Okay, so maybe you are out of alignment. How do you re-align?

1. Understand your values–the ones that really matter to you.

2. Revisit your vision for yourself and your company.

3. Be sure your values and vision align. Read more…

4. Remind yourself of your values and vision often.

Executives and managers at all levels take action every day to get back into alignment. You can too.

Contact us today and we can do an assessment for you and your staff.