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Professionals become experts in Business Foundational skills

 Teams developing business foundational skillsThe approach of Phil Bride sits squarely on business foundational skills.

Execution of projects, hitting metrics, monthly goals, directly relates to the execution skills of the team.

How much do you work on the basic foundational skills of your craft relates to your long term success that you control.

Develop your 7 foundational skills to expert level. Understand that your team will be at various levels of skill development and start with where they are.


Know yourself well

Know your strengths, weaknesses, talents, blind spots, values, biases. Like any professional know what you do extremely well, what you can’t do well.

Then build around these. Every top athlete and sports knows this principle. Same in business.

Be an Expert at setting Goals

Setting goals is one of those things that’s easy to do a poor job and hard to expertly. Start with SMART Goals.

And by the way, written at 30, 90 days, 1 year and 3 years as the basics across the business enginess, even down to the project level.

Accountability becomes easier with expertise in goals.

Then, teamwork draws from alignment of values, communication styles, and goals.

Develop excellent Communication Skills

Another one of those skills, easy to do poorly, hard to do well. Communication is often thrown into the soft skills bucket.

Turns out, it is a hard skill.

Know how to identify the reality of a situation, bring out the best in each team member, state the situation at a level that matches the team’s development level, and hold those manager’s moments of truth with expertise.

Reading people — being aware of their fears, wants, distractions, talents, skills and weaknesses takes communication skills to a whole new level.

 Expert level Decision Making

Why does decision confound so many managers? The skill is not complicated. And the skill does take concentrated effort to do well.

Most effective decision making skills surround a myriad of small decisions, reactions, actions that happen every day.

To break it down, good decision making has 7 steps. It can be painful like having to think through every move in a golf swing. Or, you practice the basic foundation skill until expertise develops and it flows.

 Build Teams and Accountability

Teamwork and accountability go hand in hand. Teams perform best when strengths, skills, values and goals align.

Imagine a team where the goal is precise, you know if you hit it or not and where you are along the way, like a scoreboard at a game.

Then each team member knows their job, and has the skills to get it done expertly (not just proficiently but with deep expertise). And the values and goals are all accepted so decisions during the project flow.

Accountability then becomes simply a discussion about the obstacles and solutions and timing.

Excellent at Time Management

The best of the best know to make optimal use of their 24 hours a day. You rarely hear the excuse, “I’m so busy!”  like they have no control over their schedules and time.

These people do have control through time management techniques, excellent decision making, and delegation.

Know your ROIs

Identify the ROI in every project, task you perform. Will it add value or reduce cost? Know how to identify these in every project, initiative, task. It needs to become second nature.

The question on your mind becomes, “What value comes from this effort?”


 Additional skills required for business foundational skills

  • Continous personal and professional development to become masterful at your trade and roles in life and work.
  • Know your financials extremely well. Be able to read them, use them to effectively manage daily and weekly opertions. 
  • Continuous skill development on your domain expertise. Know the processes and flow of your operations completely.





At PhilBride.com we specialize in uncovering and developing the root foundational skills that will make your business and projects humm.  Then working with you we put together a plan to clarify your goals and reach them.

We are there every step of the way as trusted advisors and coaches.

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I’ve already got my value out this program and I’m not done with it! I have a clear focus on activities to change the culture for more growth. My team and I are doing new activities that are worth money for me right now. We’re experiencing a renewed focus on continued improvement and a 4x ROI part way through the program. I feel more comfortable in my job as president than ever before. I clearly know the role in my organization.


President, Meta Fab, Inc.

I’m excited to have received the executive business coaching I needed from Phil Bride to take my company to the next level of growth. I have a new clarity to my vision for the company, an actionable plan my team and I really believe in, and I now appreciate communication, teamwork and measurables to all new levels. I am on my way to growing the company 30% over last year.


General Manager, GoFlight Technologies

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