10 conditions—where does your organization stand?

  1. Excessive meetings
  2. Cover-your butt mentality and decision-making
  3. Lack of personal accountability
  4. Communication problems
  5. Personality conflicts or power struggles
  6. Difficulty keeping employees motivated
  7. Time management problems
  8. Unacceptable results and unproductive teams
  9. Micro-management
  10. Staff turnover

Okay, so you are doing alright but may falter on a few. Or maybe, you suffer from a lot of these conditions.

The first question to ask yourself is, “What are you trying to accomplish with your organization?” This presumes you have a plan, have set goals and understand where you are going. Learn more about what it takes to get alignment for effective execution.

Now, just like in travel and sports, for business you have to know where you are. Imagine the ridiculousness of wanting to go somewhere but you’re not clear where you are or several people are in different places with their own ideas of how to get there. It’s so obvious that you don’t give it much thought when you plan a trip.

In organizations and teams it’s not so obvious. Here, alignment is crucial.

Consider understanding your team alignment through team assessment or individual assessments. Assessments give you the advantage of knowing objectively. You understand behavior styles (DISC), communication styles, motivators and de-motivators, and prefered styles of decision making.

Now is the best time to continue to improve.