Phil Bride helping professionals, businesses get practical results.

Phil Bride helping professionals, businesses get practical results.

We all want to get practical results this year.
Don’t you?
There are 5 simple must dos to get practical results.
It’s time, maybe even past time, and you know it.
With these 5 must dos you will build sustainable results in your business, in your profession.

5 must dos to get practical results

Know yourself well. Understand what drives your decisions, even the small decisions and reactions you do automatically throughout the day. These are indicated by your rants and what get’s you jacked up.

Understand your strengths.  Use your strengths and talents. Quit wasting time fixing weaknesses or blind spots. Develop your talents so you can get practical results fast.

Get a reason. What is the point of all the stuff you do without a reason. Nail down what you want to achieve. Be clear about where you see yourself in the future. Get clarity about what you want and why. Do you want to build a company, organization, profession, project or not? Nail it down. Write it down. Focus on it.

Focus on what you can affect. Use your strengths and talents and focus them on what you want. Use those talents and start moving toward what you want to achieve and get practical results.

Get a game plan and act to get the practical results.  Think through the game plan, change it as often as you need. Change the game as you run into obstacles and issues. Keep true to what you want and the reason you do what you do.

This is not rocket science. It is straight forward. However, it can take more time than you like. It can be tricky to get it to work. Sometimes we all need a little help to get it done or get going.
Don’t be stubborn. Instead get gritty, get focused to get practical results you want.

Time to take action?

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