When we slow down and look closely we can get glimpses of what drives our perceptions and decision making preferences and even some of our values. But for the most part they are hard to see and so we go on through our day.

Behaviors are on top of the iceberg in clear view of everyone and ourselves. We act and behave in accordance with our values and perceptions preferences. What are our values and perception preferences? Some are clear to us and some are well hidden. To expose these takes effort. The DISC assessment is an excellent method to uncover our behaviors.

Values float around the waterline. Some above water where we can get clear view and some below the waterline that are all but hidden to us—hidden but there. We can expose these through a VALUES assessment and get crisp about what we value.

Perceptionpreferences seem to be most hidden to us. ATTRIBUTES assessment uncovers these perception preferences and shows our talents and blind spots. Our intuitions come from our talents. These are we see clearly and we “just know” the right thing to do. Blind spots are exposed too. These can mimic intuitions but since we are blind to them we can be wrong if we don’t recognize our blind spots.

So what do you do? Find someone to give you an Advanced Insights assessmentcovering all three and debrief you so you clearly understand what drives your behaviors.