Time for a meeting — Are you there?

East coast time comes early for a Pacific North Westerner. My first meeting was at 8:30 am ET, 5:30 PT. Oh boy.
No problem, I woke up at 6 am ET, went for a walk, got breakfast and went to the first meeting only to find breakfast available there too. I was certainly well fed.
After two breakfasts I was set for the day. Who can turn down “free” food? Well not exactly free since I paid for the conference and 3 days of training.
I love learning new aspects about my business, how to grow businesses and develop the professionals who want to grow businesses. Yep, I’m a business coach. Here I am at conference and training session with 100 other business coaches from around the US. It’s all good.
Listening to the first speaker I realized how much I can improve my game. He covered a fascinating way to describe the learning process that just about everyone goes through when developing new skills. This is not academic learning, it is real life, let’s put it into practice skills that help business leaders get things done effectively.
The first speaker talking about the process to develop habits, those habits you want to develop and what it takes to develop them. The key is that it’s not a book, a one hour session, one day, it is about alignment, determination, goals, repetition, practice and reinforcement over time. Developing new habits is about changing behavior aligned with values and inherent strengths.
I’m taking notes like crazy figuring out how I can use this for clients and those interested in getting better at their leadership. How can I communicate it better and more effectively?
3 days of intensive training to up my game, then come home with follow up sessions with colleagues to add the reinforcement and of course practice it all the time every day.

Ready for coaching … are you there?

I continually get coaching, learn new processes, approaches, perspectives and fold these into what I do. As soon as I say, “I’m there.” That raises a red flag that I’m out of the game and in a rut. Why do the beginners and best in world have coaches continually? Those in the middle don’t.
Are you there?