Attitude Adjustment - Thumbs up Human

Attitude Adjustment — Thumbs up Human!

What does attitude adjustment have to do with performance and success if I’ve got a positive attitude already?
With a higher attitude adjustment and you might be very surprised about the affect it has on your performance and success.
Attitude is a multiplier on your performance, approach to projects, initiatives, plans, how you execute, success, and your results.
Most of the time we think in terms of simply a positive attitude or a negative attitude—thumbs up or thumbs down.
Consider that maybe attitude is a gradient. It ranges from wildly negative, to slightly negative, zero, and slightly positive to wildly positive.

An attitude adjustment might be in order

If attitude truly is a multiplier then pull out your math skills and consider all your skills and knowledge and hard work creating goals are directly affected by this multiplier called attitude.

  • Very negative attitude and it doesn’t matter what skills and knowledge you have in place you’ve wiped them away.
  • Slightly negative attitude and the skills and knowledge are diminished, maybe not that much but diminished nonetheless.
  • Positive but mildly positive and you have to still be a bull dog to push through your initiatives.
  • Highly positive attitudes and you can fly. Even those with less than stellar skills and knowledge can achieve great things.

Where’s your attitude on this scale? What attitude adjustment do you need?
Attitude Scale PMB
Even if your attitude is positive are you really taking advantage of all that a highly positive attitude can offer?
Give us a call and let’s discuss strategies and ideas about how to turn your attitude in professional, organizational, and personal advancement into a success plan for you and your team.