Did you know that presentation of the fly to fish, small adjustments, and the drift are all key to the bite?

Oh, and letting the fish run as they want, yet keeping the line tight will determine whether you land them or not. Hmmm…

Good lesson for me, I lost two hawgs (actually trout not bass) by not letting them run enough, they broke my line. Bummer. Together we caught over 20 fish. We released them all, this time. We released some on purpose and some because the fish were very convincing.

How does that relate to working with your team, colleagues, board, partners, vendors, and customers?

It does. How you present, your attitude in the presentation, non-verbal communication, the small adjustments you can do, and of course the give and take, make all the difference in the world.

And as a leader doing YOUR job: planning, setting a compelling vision, communicating, setting aligned goals and communicating more, coaching your staff, and working your way up the scale of leadership skills no matter how high you already are.

The work environment on this very productive trip: Imagine computers set out on a table in a vehicle, presentations on a big screen (yes in the vehicle), worksheets, intense and sometimes heated discussions, resolutions and plans all being worked out, and emails being sent (when we had coverage).

Very productive day.

Special Thanks to Griff Marshall, our guide, 541-480-4280, griffmarshall@me.com at the Fly & post_content Outfitters who helped us nail fish after fish,fixed a great barbeque lunch, and helped us appreciate the subtle adjustments necessary to get results.

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(The Executive Experinece NW business coaching is mostly done in workshops in conference rooms and over the phone. Occasionally an Executive Adventure day like this is mixed in–regardless it’s all highly productive and focused on results.)

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