• Comraderie and friendship in doing activities together
  • Seeing opportunities on approach to the river
  • Noticing the opportunities while actively fishing
  • Making small adjustments and trying lots of adjustments
  • Paying attention to what is effective
  • Letting them run when they want and bringing them in gently when ready
  • Preparing properly to handle a fish so as not to not damage it

You have to pay attention to details and still see the big picture.

And…as a friend and colleague of mine, Deborah Tutnauer, is fond saying “The way you play is the way you do everything, including business.” My business coach, Patti Keating, says it too!

I suppose many things in life have similar lessons.

How do you play?

Sitting in my office writing this it has become clear, I may have missed something, so I need to get more lessons on a river very soon!

(Griff Marshall at griffmarshall@me.comfor an excellent guide) in case I forget who to contact.