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Business leaders, owners, managers all know that continuous improvement truly never ends. You’re either getting better or becoming stagnant. 

We seek to aid that continuous improvement with our business blogs. Topics include leadership, management, strategic planning, best practices, and more.

Decision making under stress

Decision making under stress frames many professional's daily life. Free wheeling decision making can lead to dysfunctional behavior. As a result, unthoughtful decisions happen. Then, out of control to-do lists build. Saying "yes" when "no" was more appropriate. Not...

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Out of time — now what?

I'm out of time. I really am out of time. Now what? The day passed by, spiraled by, and I didn't get it all done. Dealing with time issues challenges anyone trying to get things done. What's the secret? Out of time means something went wrong. Too much accepted or...

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Delegate like a leader – 3 must dos

You know you want to delegate like a leader. Yet, sometimes you feel like it's not quite right. Or worse yet, the people you delegate tasks to don't step up. You probably even know the 3 must do's to delegate like a leader. But your delegation still doesn't work....

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Walk the talk — Learn 3 ways managers can nail it

Yes, you can talk the talk. Sometimes even do it, that is, walk the talk. As a leader, do you walk the talk that makes a difference in your group, business, and life? Yes, we know you've read the books, attended webcasts, classes and more. You know what to do. Are you...

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So, you want to make a positive impact?

Yes! We all want to make a positive impact in our business, jobs, professions. Producing a positive impact relies heavily on a sense of satisfaction that you are doing the "right" thing and will produce results that matter. Did you know... Only 49.6% of US workers...

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