Yes! We all want to make a positive impact in our business, jobs, professions.

Make a positive impact

Make a positive impact on your business, profession, job.

Producing a positive impact relies heavily on a sense of satisfaction that you are doing the “right” thing and will produce results that matter.
Did you know…

  • Only 49.6% of US workers feel satisfied with their jobs according to the WSJ?
  • Fewer than 40% of business owners feel successful according to Gallup?

Ask yourself, “What level of satisfaction and impact do I have in my job?”
Let’s talk about Jason.

Jason has lots of tasks on his plate. Every day people add more tasks to Jason’s workload. He wants to work at the company. He wants to like it. And Jason wants to please his boss. Jason feels overwhelmed. He doesn’t feel satisfied with his work.

Now, Jason often finds himself coming in late, leaving early, and doing “other things,” like calling vendors for projects he can’t get approved and doing research on new projects, while letting on-going projects slide.

What does Jason miss in his approach?

First, job satisfaction results from making a positive impact, not a cause of the positive impact. Often lack of job satisfaction comes from a lack of discipline to do the job of laying out a plan and then working the plan.
Second, each of us has responsibility to lay out a plan for ourselves, our job, our position, our business.

Jason misses the point to develop a plan that he believes in, he owns, and aligns with what he wants.

Make a positive impact

Consider these 7 characteristics (and skills) of a plan that must be place if you want to make a positive impact (and increase satisfaction).

Golf skills

Golf skills are a lot like business skills. You need to develop them.

Values based.  A plan starts with your values. Then, align your values with your business, profession and company values.
Understanding of your resources. Understand personal resources and external resources you can access. Many people fail to understand their resources available to them, including Jason. Therefore, he can’t create a plan that fits him.
Long term audacious goal in place. Long term goals (audacious or not) have large personal positive impact on you and the importance to you. Remember, the current situation can always be a stepping stone — educational step, financial step, professional step — to get what you ultimately want.
Specific goals in place.  These goals help you get started and make progress. Develop the skill to create clean goals. Become the professional or business owner that makes a positive impact.
Knowledge of the status. The skill to determine status of long term and specific goals. It takes skills and tools to review progress daily or weekly to keep yourself on track.
Ability to make adjustments. To deal with obstacles like a professional forms a critical skill.
Ability to prioritize.  Develop your prioritizing skill that Jason cannot do effectively and most people struggle with. Consider it a skill not knowledge. It must be practiced.

There is no big secret to making a positive impact. Develop or tune your skills.

Make a positive impact.

So, how do I produce a positive impact? Oh, and yes, I’d like to be satisfied with my job.

To make a positive impact develop the skills of these 7 characteristics.

Develop skills around these 7 characteristics

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