Yes, you can talk the talk. Sometimes even do it, that is, walk the talk.

Walk the talk and you'll be effective as a manager.

Walk the talk and you’ll be effective as a manager.

As a leader, do you walk the talk that makes a difference in your group, business, and life?
Yes, we know you’ve read the books, attended webcasts, classes and more. You know what to do. Are you doing it?
Talk is good, but it is not enough. Execution produces results. Prioritized execution produces accomplishments that push organizations and people forward.

What does it mean?

To walk the talk is short hand for the older version:  “if you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk”
Two more favorite variations:

  • “Actions speak louder than words”
  • “Practice what you preach.”

These sayings point to the fact that execution, not talk, creates success.

Another Jason story

Jason strolled into the conversation about execution and getting things done. He threw out a couple bumper sticker statements, “Knowledge is power, you know, by the way, did you read this book?”   He continued to recite catch phrases from books on execution and leadership. He knew what to do. Yet, Jason, failed to get the crucial items done. As a manager, his job included defining standards for the work centers in his area.

Jason knew how to plan it, knew what the standards should be, even knew best practices of standards. Yet, he couldn’t get them done and missed deadline after deadline.

So, what Jason missed, was a commitment to the company’s goal. His commitment fell elsewhere. Jason did not believe in the company’s goal. His execution fell apart quickly

To walk the talk means to execute well.

Walk the talkDo you know these 3 fundamentals of execution?   (Hint:  It is a skill plus the knowledge)

Know the vision. Know where you intend to go. Connect where you want to take the company or group with your values. If you think a vision or goals are academic exercises you’ve missed the point. These form the basis of any large accomplishments worth achieving.

Know why the project or task helps you get there. To understand “why” means you know the ultimate benefit of accomplishing the vision. In addition, you understand where you want to go with clarity. It also defines what you will do to get there. So, clearly define projects to get yourself and your group to where the company is headed.

Prioritize like you know what you are doing. Projects and tasks that pass the “sniff test” will help move the company to the big goals (or vision). If they stink don’t do them. Better yet, if they produce faster, better results that align with company vision and goals then focus on these. And to top it off, make the hard decisions, that is, prioritize, and focus on what will get you to where you intend to go.

It's never good enough.What’s next?

Most of the time it can be extremely challenging to self criticize our execution and skill level in a productive way. We either criticize ourselves too harshly or too lightly. It takes an outside perspective to get it right.
If you want to walk the talk and execute like you mean it, click the link below and let’s talk. It’s free. Who knows, you might pick some tips along the way. Let’s see if I can help you walk the talk.

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