Assessment options

Carrying out assessments gives you an inside look at behavior and reaction styles that kick in when your organization is in “high velocity” situations. Since most people are in reaction mode most of each day wouldn’t it be good to understand this assessment profile?

Assessments uncover values that drive that behavior in the form of motivations and de-motivators. The best managers know what really motivates their staff. Is it money, a pat on the back, something else? When motivations align with company goals through a reward system the magic can start to happen for both the company and the people.

A well done assessment can also expose you and your staff’s perception preferences that drive your decisions, values and behaviors.

None of these are right or wrong. None are “better or worse” than others. What assessments can do is expose the strengths, talents and hidden blind spots in each person. It gives you the tools to give you and your organization an edge.

How better to form a foundation for strategy execution to gpost your organization than to start with alignment, motivations, and understanding strengths, motivations and blind spots on your team.

Rogue River Consulting offers personal, professional and organizational assessments to help understand the baseline for improved performance and execution.

Personal and team Assessments: Innermetrix Advanced Insights (using DISC, VALUES, ATTRIBUTES assessments) plus debriefs to better understand what this information has to offer to each individual.

Organizational Assessments: The D.I.AL.O.G. Assessment provides a comprehensive perspective of the business based on the criteria for Performance Excellence as used by the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Program.