stuck in a rut

Are you comfortably stuck in a rut?

Is comfortable the same as stuck in a rut?

What makes you safe, comfortable, and satisfied?

  • Safe job, income
  • No pressures
  • No high expectations from others
  • No schedule to keep
  • No changes
  • No new endeavors
  • Busy (without clear goals and vision)

Not that any of these comfort items are bad.
Have you considered if you are in your comfort zone—safe, comfortable, satisfied—you’re stuck in a rut.
Do you really aspire to be stuck in a rut?
There are companies out there with a reputation that most people don’t survive 18 months after retirement.
How can that be? They are safe, comfortable, satisfied sitting on a nice retirement.

Maybe bucket lists and wish lists aren’t just for fun

Setting that next big step, a vision, a bucket list item, embeds an energy level to push us to that next step, to accomplish more, to continue to provide value to the world. So we are no longer stuck in a rut.
Do you believe that?
What is your bucket list? Your wish list?
If you haven’t already done it, take the time to write out everything you wish you could do, accomplish, be, experience. Write it all down, even if it’s the most unrealistic thing ever.

Your wish list—Post it. Talk about. Add to it. Dream about it.

Your bucket list, your wish list, can be freeing to see it in black and white. It starts to take on a life of its own. So write it down and post it somewhere you can see often.

Wish lists and Visions are for business

This is a crucial exercise in nailing down a vision that has meat. I’ve heard too many times, “Visions are a waste of time. They are meaningless.” Yes, meaningless visions are worthless. Don’t waste your time with worthless visions.
Meaningful visions take time and are based on what you really want. Bucket lists have meaty gems of visions hidden in them that align with you really want. Take this step seriously and write out your bucket list, your wish list.

There are no shortcuts 

So get out of a rut, start your bucket list, your wish list. Avoid becoming stuck in a rut.
Meaningful visions take time. Meaningful visions require thought and alignment with values, who you are. Be patient with yourself through the process. There is no shortcut nor group brainstorming session to get to a meaningful vision. You have to do it yourself.
Take the time to develop a vision for your business, your group, your operation and yourself. Otherwise you are in hobby mode.
What is your vision of the future?

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