Set aside time weekly, if not daily, to do active business planning. Most of us are far too busy working “in the business” to take time to work “on the business.” Getting clear about your vision for your business will go along way to get you focused on “doing the right things” and shorten your to-do list. Put in place SMART goals to clarify what will be done by when (specific, measurable, attainable, realistically high, time or deadline).

Get accountability put in place for the activities to achieve your vision for your business.Then communicate that picture of your business (i.e., your vision), values, and your SMART goals. And of course, the M in SMART represents measurables, which is key to accountability. Did you know that managers could communicate important information 10 x more often than they do?

Assemble teams to specifically tackle those goals most necessary. Even if you don’t have direct reports, assembling a team of colleagues, advisors and professionals could be the right thing to do. And re-assemble the teams when new goals suggest different skills. This will help to keep things fresh and effective.

What will you do to start“doing the right things,” a fundamental aspect of leadership?