Thanks to the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce, Evelyn Orr, Director of Operations and YEA! program, and Lorraine Clairno, President/CEO of the chamber, for getting the YEA! program going in Beaverton.
Teachers and Mentors are brought in to teach the students and guide them through the 12 month program. I have the privilege of mentoring two students through their business planning activities.
I was also asked along with other Mentors to participate in a mock investor panel in which each student had 6 minutes to present their business plan and ask for money to help launch their business. That’s some pressure. Most business people couldn’t do it. They will go through the real investor panel in mid April.
Good job to all the students! They presented their businesses in less than 6 minutes with financials, and did a better job than most business owners could do. I was impressed!
Can you present your business plan with financials, marketing, vision, sales, product, pricing, forecasts in 6 minutes? (and make it compelling?)