You can’t avoid meetings. You need to meet with employees, customers, partners, board members and other stakeholders. The question becomes do you prioritize time as effectively as you do with the company’s money? 4 key questions to ask yourself:

  1. What activities do I spend my time during the week? Including activities and topics covered in meetings?
  2. Is each activity helping me achieve my top goals?
  3. How do I know?
  4. What are the measurables and results for those activities?

For those things that don’t fit your priorities:

  • Determine which of these still need to be done—do they “fit” into the strategy. That is, do they help accomplish the high priority goals?
  • Write out ideas that could off-load these activities—come up with possible solutions.
  • Write activities that will accomplish these possible solutions, assign them to another resource and give a deadline.
  • Track the progress.

What do you do to improve how you prioritize your time—share your thoughts below.