YEA CEOs with mentor Phil Bride 2014
CEOs Cyan Perry and Darwin Mendyke Mentor, Phil Bride (middle).

…seven other young entrepreneurs, secured money from a local investor panel last week.
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All eight young entrepreneurs are part of Beaverton Chamber of Commerce’s YEA! program (Young Entrepreneur’s Academy). Here’s the full list.

  • Speak! And Be Heard
  • My Heavenly Helpers
  • Hello Cyan
  • Latte Schmatte
  • Bring the Heat design
  • Choo Choo Churos
  • Graphite Memories
  • Cascadian Bakery

YEA! is year-long program for high schoolers and middle schoolers who pass the application process to join the program. The program is run by the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce and directed by Evelyn Orr. The program teaches the basics of business planning, business accounting and finances, legal structure, marketing among many other topics. It is a rigorous program.
Could you present your business plans for this year and next, to inspire customers, staff, partners or secure funding from your banker or investor?