Skills to execute.The right skills and sufficient skill level gives you the ability to execute. Without the ability you simply can’t get the job done. Skills are crucial.

Knowledge to understand the situation.Understanding the situation in a clear way with insight exposes the reality to build plans effectively. Knowledge of different techniques, approaches, talents, strengths and weaknesses gives you the opportunity to use the resources in an effective manner.

What else could there be?

Attitude to be aneffective leader.Attitude acts as a multiplier on skills and knowledge. It can be negative or positive.

Attitude can make skills and knowledge work against accomplishing your goals by a negative effect. A negative attitude can wipe out any effect your skills and knowledge may have. A negative attitude subtracts from your ability to accomplish your goals.

Attitude * (Skills plus Knowledge)

Attitude * (Skills + Knowledge) + GoalsThe Attitude effect on Goal execution is tremendous

Attitude can have a positive affect on skills and knowledge. Attitude can be positive but so slightly positive that it can diminish the effectiveness of skills and knowledge.

The best of all is a wildly positive attitude. This can multiply your effectiveness so that even if you don’t have the highest skills and best knowledge, you can accomplish a lot. Attitude can be a significant driver.

Where does your attitude and your team’s attitude lie in the spectrum from the largely negative to 0? From 0 to 1? From 1 to hugely positive?

Is it positive, but so fractional that it drops your effectiveness to almost zero?

Is it negative? Oops.

Is is positive and large? Perfect!

Maybe it’s time to get some business coaching to help uncover hidden attitudes and beliefs that seem positive but reduce your effectiveness.