Don’t get me wrong, reading books is good, an excellent way to get introduced to concepts. I read a lot of books. But it does not develop the skills described in the book.

That takes action, training, and accountability. Rarely does the lone wolf, self-coaching approach work for long.

So, who needs a coach?

Tiger Woods? Labron James? Pro players of any sport? Pilots? Musicians? Teachers? Engineers? Doctors? Lawyers? Accountants?

They all seek professional education and coaching to keep their skills up to date, hone their skills, or to learn new skills.

Why don’t business leaders, managers, executives? Apparently, all you have to do is read a book or two on leadership and business and you’re on your way…

Well, ask yourself these questions.

Who do you meet with to be a sounding board, trusted advisor, mentor, coach for business and leadership?

Do you meet with them on a regular basis?

Why not?

Here’s a few good reasons to get a coach. I’m sure you can come up with more.

  1. Get planning nailed down for your success.
  2. Align execution to your values and vision.
  3. Work through sticky issues and come up with realistic, actionable plans that you believe in.
  4. Have someone vested in your success in a methodical way–not haphazard.
  5. Be held accountable for what you want accomplished professionally and personally.

A good business coach can pay dividends for you personally and professionally.

Schedule a FREE 20 minute session and see if there’s a fit. There’s no pressure or obligation. Just find out.

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