You could still easily claim, “I have a positive attitude.”

Ask yourself, “does my attitude make the world around me, the people around me better, more productive, happier, does it help me achieve my vision and goals, is it aligned?”

If it doesn’t help, then it isn’t aligned and it isn’t helpful, period.

Can you think of someone with an extremely positive attitude and doesn’t have a lot of resources or talents? The attitude can carry them right through to success.

What if the opposite is true. A person with a lot of resources and talents and poor attitude? That’s the obvious situation.

The harder situation is the “positive” attitude that still isn’t helpful.

Maybe it’s just not positive enough. Maybe it’s so slightly positive that actually diminishes everything around you. That “positive” attitude is still harmful to getting where you want to go.

If you have a vision and a plan, a question to ask yourself is, “how positive is my attitude and how well aligned is it with my vision and plans?”

Think about your attitude through the day. Watch the results it has on people and your effectiveness. Does help or not?

  • What is my attitude toward my business, revenue, profits, expenses?
  • What is my attitude toward employees, colleagues?
  • What about partners, owners, board, vendors, customers?

Try it for a day, you might be surprised with yourself.

Oh, and by the way, do you have your vision, goals, plans written down, preferrably by you?