I can say with undeniable accuracy I’ve traveled through all those experiences and sat at each spot.

What I can also say is that leadership, that kind of leadership that makes big things happen in a big way, takes work, dedication, skill development, practice, practice and more practice and of course change, lots of change.

I run daily doubles each day to develop leadership skills. I have to admit this is a new thing for me.

Daily doubles include getting my act together in morning by getting up early, reading, listening to podcasts and studying skills I want to improve. Then during the day (the double part), I practice them and keep score.

Leadership study topics:

  • Better listening techniques.
  • Understanding wants and needs of others.
  • How to improve organization of projects.
  • Improving the small steps in accomplishing projects.
  • Improving goal setting and alignment.
  • Self and formal assessments.

Leadership Practice sessions occur:

  • Every time I meet with someone, regardless of what role they are in.
  • Each project I work on.
  • Each meeting I attend.
  • Each phone call, each email.
  • Presentations.
  • Sitting quietly at my desk. And for each task I ask myself, “does this project, task help me achieve my vision and goals?”

How often do you find yourself slipping into wishing for magic that something would just happen? Don’t do it!

“Dominate your life with Focus, Decision and Execution.”