Do you need to reinvent yourself, your approach and your culture to get to that next step you want?

The realization is that it starts with the leadership. To change culture starts at the top and flows into the organization.

Not everyone is ready.

There’s a movement of leaders today that realize reinvention is the key to innovation, strategic advantage in the market, and the success they’re looking to capture.

Reinvention of company culture leads to sales and customer retention.

Additional Leadership Quotes about best practices.

On how to manage open door policy and time

“I want to be open to as many conversations as possible.” so he has “No meeting Thursdays…unstructured time to think deeply.” ~Mike Ghaffary, VP of Business Development at Yelp

On Leadership

“Leadership at GitHub is generally talked about more as a responsibility. We push responsibility and ownership down to all levels of the organization, so that people are really making the decisions.” ~Tim Clem, Senior VP of Product at Github

“My responsibility is to describe the process, coach the process, and define achievable results to my team.” ~Jose de Jesus Legaspi, Owner and President of the Legaspi Company