Planning next steps for small business correctly sets you off in a productive direction. And it’s not as hard as it might seem.

Planning next steps for small business.

Planning next steps for small business. It’s not as hard to get right as you might think.

By planning next steps for small business you will…

  • Build confidence in your direction.
  • Set yourself up for producing results you want.
  • Anticipate obstacles and the tactics to overcome them.

Gotchas happen. It comes down to execution. As is often the case, people come up with lots of reasons not to plan next steps for their business.

Jason would not take the time to plan next steps for business. He was crazy busy. He’d tell you how busy he was every chance he got. “Things are crazy busy. I have no time for planning next steps.” He’d repeat.
Besides, Jason had all kinds of requests constantly filling his inbox and his to-do list kept growing. Everything came in as top priority and urgent.
Jason couldn’t break out of the cycle.

Suppose you were planning next steps for your small business. What would that entail?
Sales are good, but you know fluctuations happen. You can’t keep up with the work while sales are good and certainly can’t plan next steps or plan for a slow down. What do you do?

5 Tips for planning next steps for small business

Review your goals. Make sure they are crisp, specific, measurable, attainable, reasonably high—that means outside your comfort zone, and have a deadline.
Go through the goals daily and Pick one goal. This goal needs to have a maximum of a 90 day window. Be crystal clear through your day about what you want to accomplish. This helps cut through the constant distractions.
Clarify what stands in your way. Take your time to identify the obstacles standing in your way to achieve your goal.
Set one clear next step within your comfort zone. Make it immediately doable.
Schedule the next step in your calendar. Set aside enough time and get it done.

Keep going until your goals are nailed down.

What disrupts this process? A lot!

Distractions, incoming requests, urgencies, emergencies, demands, new information all disrupt planning next steps for small business.
It become imperative to constantly review the goals to see what changed if anything and prioritize it to number one. That is if you really want to accomplish it.
Reality does set in and disruptions happen. So be prepared.

Put something in place to keep you on track.

Phil Bride, presenting to group of managers.

Phil Bride, presenting to group of managers.

Planning next steps for business can be easy or it can be tricky to get right.
Sometimes it takes a person to talk to. I am a person.
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