Pubs startups and sharks

Myself, Phil Bride, on left and Tim Varela on right talking with other “sharks” prior to presentations.

What an interesting and fun pub talk. Pubs startups and sharks all at one time!
Myself and Tim Varela, president of Meta Fab, were “sharks” at OTBC’s “Westside startup Pitch Event” in which 11 participants presented their startup business ideas to a group of about 40 people Tuesday March 3rd at a local brew pub in Beaverton, Oregon, Golden Valley Brewery.
Steve Morris, OTBC, executive director, put on the event. He did an excellent job.

11 presenters—pubs startups and sharks

The “sharks” voted on the best business idea. The first and second place winners walked away immediately with cash prizes.
Each of the 11 presenters had 3 minutes to present their business idea and take questions for about 2 minutes. They had to be succinct. Not an easy thing to do.
The ideas varied widely from medical screening for heart disease, pharmaceutical solution for meth addiction, to rural sustainable energy by flying kites and on-demand and immediate home delivery for appliances, toy and games for learning science, and SaaS based solution to add cash prizes to online games. And a lot more.
The presenters were passionate about their business ideas.
It did strike me that very few talked financials. Only one talked about gross margins and none spoke of profitability or profit projections. Both, very near and dear to my heart, along with leadership skills. I voted for the presenter who touched on the most positive financials.
The winner was the sustainable energy business and second place was the delivery business for personal purchases of appliances that are too big for your car. (also the name of the company: Too Big for my Car).
Congratulations to all the presenters and to the winners at this pubs startups and sharks event.
Thanks for the invite, OTBC!

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