Maybe the struggle is giving in to your fears and the “Yah, buts.”

Have you ever felt like you oscillate?

Robert Fritz makes the statement that if you give credence to your fears and hesitations, then your accomplishments become the extremes with the fears pulling you back. The accomplishments are pinnacles not steps, and so are not sustainable.

Let go of the “Yah, buts” and you get pulled in the direction you want to go. Each accomplishment becomes a step in the right direction.

It’s so simple!

Then why is it so difficult? Maybe you are afraid to let go.

Leadership is letting go of the “Yah, but…” statements and understanding what you want and your innate strengths and values. Knowing yourself.

Here’s your task:

  1. Notice each time you think or say a “Yah, but…” or “It’s not realistic…” statement throughout the day.
  2. Make a note of the time you spent on this thought.
  3. Keep track of the number of times you do this.
  4. Do it for a week.
  5. Decide to let them go and spend that time on the direction you want to go.

How much time did you spend undermining your progress?

Interesting, isn’t it?