…from your board, your parent company, your colleagues, your staff, even yourself, will lead you on the path to better focus, better prioritization, and more determination to overcome big and small obstacles.

“Ya, but…what I want is not the issue. I am held accountable to deliver.”

“Ya, but…I’m under pressure, I have all these people demanding my time, my resources, that I deliver.”

“Ya, but…I have fires to put out, emergencies to handle.”

“Ya, but…my staff, sales, marketing, development, are not accountable.”

“Ya, but…I keep my professional life and personal life separate.”

Okay, these may be true, the question still stands. What do you want from your organization, in your profession, in your life?

You can do it. Fill in the blank. “I want __________________.”

If you perk up, stand up, feel yourself getting excited when you answer the question you are on the right track.

If it sounds like the same-old thing, you have yet to get to the core. You mostly likely do know it and for some reason you don’t want to acknowledge it. Maybe you think it’s not fair you should want it or it’s too easy or it’s too selfish. Maybe it’s not bold enough, not set high enough, not good enough, not different enough. Shed these thoughts and answer the question again, this time be true to yourself.

Imagine, you are on your way to getting what you want. Take note of your attitude toward getting your organization back on track. Think about how you could overcome those “Ya but” obstacles between where you are now and getting what you want from your organization.

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