Top reasons:

  1. “I am the only one who can do them. No one else can do it as well as me.” Maybe true, but you’ll be stuck until you figure this one out.
  2. “I like doing these activities. I enjoy it.” Okay, maybe you are in the wrong job.
  3. “It takes too much time to train someone to do it.” Isn’t it your job to make sure your staff continually improves through best practices, training, mentoring? YES, it is your job.
  4. “What if they get it wrong?” Then, you coach them, mentor them, manage them.
  5. “I’m not actually spending money when I do the tasks.” Really? What could you be doing to be more effective?

If you are a business owner your time is worth the profit you make. If you’re a senior manager what are your fully loaded costs? Understand these metrics and you know what your time is worth. Now, ask yourself if it’s less expensive to do the job yourself or delegate the task to someone else.

Make these decisions based on ROI (return on investment). This gives you an objective perspective. You still may have to do the task. But at least you’ve taken into account the different costs the company is incurring.

Over time choosing the less expensive option will pay dividends. After all, making those decisions is why you are a manager.

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