Before you can achieve long term goals you have to create them and before you create them you really need some kind of vision of what you want to achieve in the long term.

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” ~Epictetus

A vision is really a vivid picture of the future that you want. Vivid is a key word here.

Take a few moments and think about what you want long term. But first here’s a few guidelines to help you create your vision.

  • Keep it long term.
  • Make sure it’s yours, you believe it, you want it.
  • Fill in details while keeping the vision simple and straightforward.
  • Keep out the “I can’t,” the “ya, but,” the “it’s not realistic” and the temptation to make it yet another to-do on your list. This is bigger in scope and longer term.

What do you want? It is both very simple and hard. It’s simple because creating a vision really does come down to what you want. It’s hard because of all the negative talk from ourselves and others and contradictory short term goals we feel we must embed in the vision. Keep the vision simple and straightforward (KISS).

What you do with your vision?

You might just find yourself making long term and short term goals to achieve the vision if you really do want it. Now to make it happen get gritty about achieving those goals.

A joint study done by University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan and West Point Academy defines “Grit: Perseverance and Passion for Long-Term Goals” as a key in achieving long term goals and vision for the future.

Vision —> Goals —> Getting gritty about achieving them.

You might considerworking with someone who can help you overcome some of the obstacles to creating a vision that has meaning for you and your organization.

Thanks for reading. -Phil Bride