I had an MBA, ran teams, groups, products, product lines, companies. Plus I grew them, why would I need to practice and train?

I practiced and trained skiing, running, presenting to groups technical topics, product issues, business issues. I practiced and trained for every sport I liked. I practiced for events in which I participated. I practiced for those big presentations.

What I didn’t do is practice for everyday leadership. Those small encounters and their nuances. I didn’t take them seriously. I didn’t practice or train for leadership.

Was I ever wrong!

Leadership, even leadership of myself and my projects takes practice and training. I was clearly unconsciously incompetent in this most important area.

I read books. Good start. Not good enough though. I took classes. Good. Still not good enough. I needed to practice.

8 questions to ask yourself about your leadership–how you manage teams, colleagues, partners to get things done:

  1. Do I rely on my position?
  2. Do I rely on relationships?
  3. Do I talk or think about myself when interacting?
  4. Do I make it about me?
  5. Am I doing tasks as a “lone wolf” because others can’t get it done as well me?
  6. Do I tell people more than I ask them?
  7. Am I concerned with my situation over other’s development as managers?
  8. Are my projects and goals the most important?

How’d you do? (Any “Yes” may indicate you can do better)

Maybe some daily practice is in order.

What do you do to get this daily practice in order?

“Dominate your life with Focus, Decision and Execution.”